Global model

The PLASIMO Global Model plugin calculates the densities of species and reaction rates as function of time, based on user-defined set of species and their properties, and reactions.

Screenshot of PLASIMO's GM

Features and model options

  • Gas temperature and non-equilibrium kinetics
  • Built-in Boltzmann solvers: BOLSIG+ and LoKI-B
  • Dedicated models for two- and single- temperature plasmas
  • Quasi-neutral and non-quasi neutral model
  • Power density and reduced electric field based model
  • Coupling with a plasma-surface module
  • Initialization from previous run
  • Parameterized series of runs

Screenshot of PLASIMO's GM

Input data

  • User-defined set of species and reactions
  • User-defined rate coefficients: constant, lookup table, from cross-sections, custom
  • Direct use of electron-impact cross-sections from LXCat database

Screenshot of PLASIMO's GM

  • Automatic construction of vibrational excitation, V-V and V-T reaction groups using scaling laws
  • Convenient construction of series of related reactions from a template
  • Easy way to account for additional sources or losses, such as wall processes or flow

Chemistry analysis tools

Screenshot of PLASIMO's GM

  • Monitor the contribution of each reaction to the production or destruction of each species at run time
  • Scroll back in time
  • Quick visual feedback in the form of a reaction network graph with filtering options
  • Create automatically reduced chemistries based on user-specified criteria

Screenshot of PLASIMO's GM
Screenshot of PLASIMO's GM

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