Plasma Matters sign a license agreement for usage of LoKI-B within PLASIMO

21 March 2022

Plasma Matters signed a license agreement for the usage of LoKI-B, setting a new technical and scientific collaboration to foster advances in the modelling and simulation of low temperature plasmas.

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Plasma Matters & Ignition Computing team up to accelerate simulations

1 January 2022

Multiphysics simulations with plasmas are computationally very difficult. In many cases extremely long calculation times prevent the study of interesting phenomena. Ignition Computing is developing PreconNet to generate preconditioners, a...

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Plasma Matters B.V. and “De Nieuwe Economie” on RTL Z

12 December 2021
1 January 2020

PLASIMO offers the option to use inline the free-ware Boltzmann solver BOLSIG+, that has been developed by Gerjan Hagelaar at Laboratoire Plasma et Conversion d'Énergie (LAPLACE) and Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France. In Addition, PLASIMO supports the LXCat format for the cross-sectional data.