New in version PLASIMO-8.1 (compared to 8.0):


  • Enormous performance improvements can be achieved (from 30 to 150%, depending on the problem) by improved settings for iterative solvers. PLASIMO now allows an optional section [Preconditioner] with additional settings.
  • PLASIMO's default viewers for 2D and 3D plots are now VTK-based.
  • Flow and FlowTemperature modules now have support for unstructured meshes.
  • Two new solvers have been added: GMRES and SimplicialLDLT.
  • The Help window is now initially embedded in the main window.
  • The GUI model editor supports now the option to switch to text mode editor.
  • The steppers DVODE and LSODE support now periodic critical times to be specified.
  • For Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (LTE) models, the formation enthalpy is now included in the LTE enthalpy and internal energy calculations. This affects temporal models and models that include flow.
  • Drift-Diffusion models:
    • when the gas flow is calculated in the drift-diffusion model, optionally the electric force acting on the fluid can be taken into account.
    • In hybrid models, the initial electrons can now be initialized with a Maxwellian distribution or with a given ConstantEnergy.
  • Flow model:
    • An option has been added that allows the user to take into account an external force acting on the fluid. The force can be specified as a function of space or initialized from file.
    • The force exerted on a boundary can now be requested as additional output using section [CalculateForcesOnBodies] for unstructured meshes.
    • The initial mass density and viscosity can now be specified as a function of space or initialized from file.
  • Global model:
    • Electron and gas temperature sources can now optionally be written to files. These and other output data can be requested in section Output.
    • The output file sources.dat contains now only the particle sources.
    • Added symbol NeutralDensity() in the Global model, so this quantity can be used in expressions.
    • The output file temperatures.dat is replaced by separate files for every temperature that is calculated in the model. Also the energy densities are printed to files.
  • Surface chemistry model:
    • Support for series of simulations with variable parameters has been added.


  • Velocity sections no longer accept an IterConfig section. The Flow section must contain such section, which will be used for all velocities.
  • Global Model:
    • In section [Stepper] the optional section [CriticalPoints] was renamed to [CriticalTimes].
    • In Section [Stepper][CriticalTimes], the leaf Point has been renamed to CriticalTime.
  • Drift-Diffusion model:
    • In section [PlasmaRegion], the leaf InitTe has been renamed to InitialElectronEnergy.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the mouse over tooltip in scrolling CellMatrix and CellVector viewers.
  • Elastic or Effective cross sections are not accepted in EDFOnly section and now give a proper error message.
  • In wxMathplot x-y viewers, relative axis values are now correctly formatted for logarithmic axes.
  • SolverTolerance is no longer an input leaf for the direct MaxtrixSolver of type SuperLUSolver.
  • For steppers DVODE, LSODE and LSODA the user-defined initial time step is now respected.

For the complete list of changes and fixes, please refer to the NEWS file in the PLASIMO package.

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