New in version PLASIMO-8.0 (compared to 7.1):

New features

  • Capability of using the finite element discretization method has been added. Currently it is used for the EM microwave module.
  • PLASIMO now allows calculations on unstructured meshes. For the majority of the modules the control volume method is used. For PLASIMO's EM microwave module, the finite element method is used. The modules that currently have support for unstructured meshes are:
    • Drift-diffusion
    • 2T-ambipolar
    • LTE
    • Incompressible flow
    • Temperature
    • EM modules: electrostatic, microwave
  • A new radiation transport approximation has been added - the P1 method.
  • A calculator for net emission coefficients is now available.
  • A tool that helps converting mixture input files from ZDPlasKin to PLASIMO format has been added


  • A new version of the freely available CO2 global model is now available. The model uses the newest PLASIMO features such as automatic construction of reaction groups based on a user-defined template, the built-in Boltzamnn solver BOLSIG+ and direct usage of cross-section files from the LXCat database.


  • EM plugin type EM2dCurrent has been renamed to OhmicCurrentConservation. This plugin is now available for all grid types, not just for 2-dimensional structured meshes.
  • Global Model
    • The EEDF section has been moved outside of section [Mixture].
  • Drift-Diffusion module
    • The EEDF section has been moved outside of section [Mixture]
    • Initial densities can now be specified in section [DischargeRegion][InitialDensties]
    • An optional section [DischargeRegion][TimeSlicing] allows to use time slicing technique for specified species
    • Section [DischargeRegion][TransportModel] specifies the type of transport model to be used: DriftDiffusion or DriftDiffusionInertia. If not specified, the default transport model DriftDiffusion is used.

For the complete list of changes and fixes, please refer to the NEWS file in the PLASIMO package.

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