PhD positions

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Modeling of plasma assisted CO2 conversion - closed

Master projects

For more information about the MSc projects listed below, please do not hesitate to send an email to PLASIMO team or to contact Peter Koelman

Modelling of atmospheric-pressure DBD in a roll-to-roll configuration (in cooperation with DIFFER and Fujifilm)

Atmospheric-pressure plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (AP-PECVD) is a novel technology to manufacture functional thin films. The aim of the project is to model the spatial-temporal discharge evolution in the DBD with different electrode geometries. The modelling results will be combined and evaluated with respect to the experimental work executed in DIFFER and Fujifilm. The knowledge obtained by the simulations will help to provide a deeper insight into the plasma generation mechanism and the thin film growth.

Plasmas for medicine (in cooperation with PlasmaCure)

Cold plasmas have considerable potential for disinfection of skin and for wound healing. A spin-off company from the TU/e, Plasmacure, has developed a new, flexible and disposable plasma device for treatment of chronic wounds. This device is currently being tested on diabetic patients with foot ulcers. Simulation is needed to gain more insight and in preparation for CE certification. The model needs to be set up and validated. Subsequently, data can be collected and parameters can be changed to assess their effect and thereby optimize the plasma treatment of chronic wounds. The project can be adapted based on your interests.

Reduction techniques

CO2 plasmas are hot topic since a few years. Numerical models which describe such plasmas contain an extensive reaction set, resulting in an unacceptable computational time. Reduction techniques can be used to reduce the reaction set to acceptable forms. Applying a reduction technique to an available CO2 model is a suitable project for a master student.

Bachelor projects

For more information about the BSc projects listed below, please do not hesitate to send an email to PLASIMO team or to contact Peter Koelman

Validation of a global model

Global models are suitable to study systems with enormous set of reactions. Currently a global model for a CO2 plasma is under development, which contains 71 species and more than 5000 reactions. Validation of such models is still needed, and would be an interesting project for a BEP student.