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PLASIMO Global Model for CO2 chemistry

Reference: Koelman P.M.J., Heijkers S., Mousavi S.T., Greaf W., Mihailova D., Kozak T., Bogaerts A. and van Dijk J. (2016). A Comprehensive Chemical Model for the Splitting of CO2 in Non-Equilibrium Plasmas. Plasma Processes and Polymers, DOI:10.1002/ppap.201600155. [ bib | http ]

Abstract: In this work an extensive chemical model is presented for a CO2 plasma that is relevant for the production of `solar fuels'. It consists of 72 species and 5732 reactions. It is based on species definitions and reaction rate coefficients from previous literature, which have been rigorously reviewed, and is augmented with reaction rate coefficients that are obtained from the application of scaling laws. The input data set, which is suitable for usage with the plasma simulation software PLASIMO has been made available in human-readable electronic form on the publisher's website. The correctness of this implementation of the model has been established by realizing an independent ZDPlasKin - compatible implementation setting up equivalent physical models and verifying that the results agree. Results of these `global models' are presented for a typical case study, a cylindrical DBD plasma reactor with pulsed power input.

Download:, koelman2016.tgz

Description: The archives koelman2016.tgz and contain the data that are used in this paper. The files CO2_model.gum and CO2_chemistry.gum in the models directory are the files that are used for the paper. You will also find the files CO2_model_v2.gum and CO2_chemistry_v2.gum in the same directory. These contain fixes for mistakes in the application of scaling laws that were kindly brought to our attention by Vladislav Kotov of the Forschungszentrum J├╝lich GmbH, IEK-4. We recommend to use these v2 files. The old versions are kept for those who wish to reproduce the results from the published paper. The ZIP file has the CRLF line endings and is suitable for Windows systems, the tgz archive is meant for Unix/Linux systems. Both archives contain only human-readable text files and unpack to a subdirectory koelman2016.
If you wish to use these data with your copy of the PLASIMO plasma modelling toolkit, please unpack the archive relative to the input directory of your PLASIMO installation.